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Advantages and Disadvantages of OPen and ENclosed Car Shipping

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

Do you want to relocate to a new state? If you’re traveling a long way, you may want to consider having your car shipped instead of driving it yourself. In general, there are two types of shipping methods: open and enclosed. Below is some useful information to assist you in making an informed decision. Which car shipping alternative is the most cost-effective for you, given your budget and vehicle?

Difference between Open and Enclosed Car Transport

A truck is used to transport both open and enclosed cars.

Your car is normally transported on a long, two-level trailer with open transport. Any type of vehicle, particularly standard models or used cars, can use open transportation.

Your car is shipped via enclosed transport on a car carrier with a fully enclosed trailer. This shipping method provides significantly more security and defense. When moving a new car, an antique car, or a collectible, enclosed transport is typically needed.

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Open Carrier

Open Carrier Types

  • Two-level, multi-car carriers – the most common. this type can carry 7 to 10 vehicles
  • Single-level, multi-car carrier – these carriers are typically used to transport supercars and luxury vehicles, as well as when expedited service is needed.
  • Dually truck – a single-vehicle car carrier that is used to transport a car over short distances or when expedited shipping is necessary.

Advantages of Open Car Shipping

Shipping via open transport is much quicker and less expensive than shipping via enclosed transport. Since this mode of transportation is more popular, it is easier to book. The number of open-air car carriers serving the American market has grown. In the end, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in terms of pick-up and delivery times.

Since 7 to 10 vehicles can be loaded onto a two-tier trailer and transported simultaneously, shipping your car with an open car carrier is less costly. Fuel prices are lower since an open-air trailer weighs less than an enclosed trailer.

Disadvantages of Open Car Shipping

Your vehicle would be exposed to current weather conditions because the open transport trailer is open-air. When in transit, the car is protected to some extent from road debris. However, since cars transported on an open trailer are not individually sealed, they can arrive dirty.

For open car carriers, you would be able to order a “top load,” which means your car would be loaded on the upper deck. Your car would be covered from road debris and possible leakage from vehicles loaded on the second deck in this manner. Keep in mind that there may be a fee associated with this submission.

Open Car Shipping

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed Carrier Types

There are two types of trailer structures: soft-sided trailers and hard-sided trailers. Multi-car trailers, two-car trailers, or one-car trailers are used in enclosed car shipping.

  • Enclosed multi-car trailers – Three cars can be safely transported. When it comes to enclosed auto shipping, this is typically the most cost-effective choice.
  • Two- and one-car trailers – more expensive. They’re often used to transport high-end, antique, or exotic cars, as well as to expedite jobs.

Advantages of Enclosed Car Shipping

Your car is covered from the elements and road debris when it is transported in an enclosed trailer. In transit, enclosed car carriers have more security and safety. Enclosed car carrier drivers are typically more skilled in handling high-end cars.

Even a single-car carrier, certain auto transport companies that specialize in offering a white-glove service may have a higher level of insurance. They will assist you in the process by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and providing real-time updates. This choice ensures that the driver can pay close attention to any special requests you might have.

Disadvantages of Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed car carriers can transport fewer vehicles at once. As a result, enclosed shipping is more costly than shipping through an open carrier. Enclosed carriers are heavier and less fuel-efficient in general. This shipping approach has higher fuel costs. Enclosed car shipping is usually more expensive than open-air shipping.

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