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AmeriFreight Car Shipping

While AmeriFreight’s base prices run a bit high, the company’s services and protection plans make it a first-rate auto transport company. AmeriFreight also offers price matching and a boatload of discounts to lower your final price.

Why AmeriFreight?

AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker that provides a full menu of car shipping services in all 50 states.

AmeriFreight may be a bit more expensive than most other auto transport companies, but its full catalog of services and excellent customer service make it well worth its higher-than-average rates.

The company also offers price matching and plenty of discounts, so even if its base rates won’t fit within your budget, you can score a manageable price while also getting AmeriFreight’s top-notch service.



Refunds if you cancel your booking


Discounts to reduce costs


Price matching


Availability in every state



No GPS tracking for auto shipments


No instant online quotes

AmeriFreight open transport prices

Vevicle make/modelDistanceAmeriFreight Industry average
2008 Dodge Charger1,001 miles $879$810.60
2008 Dodge Charger154 miles $511 $325.50
2012 Chevrolet Silverado1,001 miles$1,054 $1,019.70
2012 Chevrolet Silverado154 miles $686 $400.50
2011 Toyota Highlander1,001 miles$929 $877.90
2011 Toyota Highlander154 miles$561$356.00

AmeriFreight’s coverage

Auto transport is one of the safest and most convenient ways to get your car to its new home, but it isn’t without risks. It can expose your vehicle to accidental dings, dents, and scrapes, especially if you go with open transport. In extreme cases, accidental damage like this can ruin your vehicle.

To make sure your car is safe during shipment, AmeriFreight only works with properly insured carriers that will cover repair costs for damage they cause during shipment.

This insurance doesn’t cover everything, though. If the damage to your vehicle wasn’t the carrier’s fault (rock chips, for example), you might be left footing the bill yourself.

That’s why we really like that AmeriFreight provides additional gap coverage to its customers. Gap coverage is basically an additional protection plan that covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, even when your carrier won’t.

AmeriFreight features and services

AmeriFreight works with a huge network of auto transport carriers, so it offers just about every auto transportation service you could want:

It goes the extra mile to protect your vehicle

AmeriFreight brokers jobs out to fully licensed and insured carriers only. This means that if your car gets damaged in transit because of something the carrier did wrong, the carrier will cover the repair costs.

Carriers won’t cover damage that isn’t their fault, though. For example, most carriers don’t cover rock chips or weather damage. So what happens if your car gets damaged and the carrier won’t cover it? With a lot of other brokers, you’d have to pay for the repairs yourself.

AmeriFreight does it differently.

AmeriFreight offers optional AF Total Assurance (AFta) plans that act as barriers between a carrier’s insurance exclusions and your wallet. If your carrier won’t pay for repairs, the AFta plan steps in to cover the costs. This type of damage protection is sometimes referred to as gap coverage.

If you sign up for AmeriFreight’s AFta plan, you can customize how much it costs and what exactly it covers. Depending on how much you spend, your AFta coverage can protect you in several ways.

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