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Budget Truck Rental

Just as its name suggests, Budget Truck Rental’s strength is its affordability—specifically, its low base rates.

How much does Budget Truck Rental cost?

The average cost to move with Budget Truck Rental is $1,520, and it’s especially affordable for local moves, which cost just $80 on average.

While Budget’s base rates are cheaper than its competitors—especially for local moves—it’s not necessarily the cheapest rental truck company for every situation. Budget is no stranger to last-minute fees, so you may end up paying more than your original quote suggested.


Tons of discounts

Low one-way costs

Lots of locations


No guaranteed reservations

Only 3 truck sizes

Budget Truck Rental cost factors

Here’s the full breakdown of the cost factors to rent a truck from Budget:

The $150 deposit is fully refundable as long as you don’t bring the truck back dirty, with less gas than you started with, or past your allotted time. Plan accordingly, though: Sometimes the deposit can take weeks to hit your bank account.

IVL also offers full-value protection—which covers damage to your belongings at a higher rate per item—at an additional cost. If you’re moving abroad, you can also purchase marine insurance for your shipment.

Budget Truck Rental fees

Although Budget’s base rates are low, it has a thing for hitting customers with last-minute fees. This could add a couple hundred bucks to your overall bill.

Here are some of those hidden fees.

Per-mile fee

For local moves, you’ll pay a rate per mile, which we’ve seen as low as $0.60 and as high as $1.00. Our recommendation? Talk with your location to see if a little negotiation is possible—some customers in the past have been able to talk down higher rates.

Gas fee

The total cost of gas isn’t included in your truck rental rate since it’ll depend on how far you travel. Most people don’t think of this when they’re shopping around—we suggest keeping it top of mind while you’re browsing. (Pssst: Depending on how far you’re moving, gas fees can hit the hundreds.)

No-show fee​

Heads up: You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your pickup time. After that, it’ll cost you up to $75.

Late-return fee

Every day you extend past your drop-off date, Budget will charge you your truck’s daily rate. For long-distance moves, you’ll pay $85.00 for each additional day, plus $0.85 per mile.

Budget Truck Rental coverage options

Budget offers three different rental protection packages: value, choice, and complete. The availability of each plan, the specific benefits offered, and the cost may vary depending on the location you’re doing business with.

Budget’s customer service is pretty on point, though, so the representative you’re working with should be able to tell you your options.

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