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College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving offers beginning-to-end convenience for junk removal, local moves, and even some long-distance moves. 

Why College HUNKS

College Hunks excels at local moves, but its limited nationwide availability isn’t ideal for most interstate trips. The company makes up for this shortcoming with a long list of additional services you can tack onto your move or utilize even if you aren’t moving.

One of the key extras College Hunks provides is full-service junk removal. Whether you’re clearing out after a renovation, doing some spring cleaning, or just tossing a few old appliances, College Hunks can help you with your next junk removal project.



Estimates without obligation


Full-service moving packages


Diverse assortment of additional services



Few interstate moving options


Limited availability

College Hunks Hauling Junk features

College Hunks provides many services standard to large moving companies, but a handful of its offerings are actually pretty unique.

What makes College Hunks unique?

What makes College Hunks unique?

College Hunks Hauling Junk features

Full-service moving prices

College Hunks doesn’t list base prices for its moving services on its website—and pricing varies from location to location—so getting a clear idea of what your move will cost is tricky. However, there is plenty of information about what factors go into College Hunks’ prices, and these can give you a general sense of how your move will add up.

The hourly rate

College Hunks’ hourly rate for its services varies between franchises. In other words, your rate is based on where you are. It generally will include a two- or three-hour minimum, and once you hit that amount of time, your rate gets prorated in either 15- or 30-minute increments.

Your time doesn’t start running until the Hunks arrive and begin loading your truck. Since the truck price includes time spent driving for local moves, drive time from your old home to your new one doesn’t count toward your hourly rate. Once the Hunks get the truck to your new home and start unloading, the clock resumes.

College Hunks' junk removal

College Hunks’ junk removal services are what really make it stand out from other moving companies. This service is so important that the company includes it in its name.

With College Hunks’ full-service junk removal, you can bid farewell to renovation debris, old mattresses, disintegrating furniture, and other clutter without lifting a finger. Simply point out what you want removed, then sit back and relax while the Hunks load it into their truck.

College Hunks’ secure storage

If you need a place to store your furniture while you finish settling into your new home—or if you just want to stow your record collection out of sight for a while—College Hunks will keep your stuff safe and sound.

College Hunks’ indoor storage facilities are climate controlled to prevent heat and weather damage to any of your furniture, documents, or collectibles. This can be a bit more expensive than renting a storage container and keeping it on your property, but it comes with all the perks of a secure facility—including guards, gates, alarms, and cameras.

College Hunks’ demolition and labor services

When someone mentions demolition, do you think of a wrecking ball destroying a skyscraper? Us too. It’s very fun to watch, but probably not something you want to see happen to your home.

But if you’re remodeling your kitchen, renovating your master bedroom, or turning your den into an open-concept living room, then small-scale demolition with hammers, crowbars, and saws is an important first step you might want some help with.

College Hunks can start your project off on the right foot by demolishing and clearing out different parts of your home:

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