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Complete Guide on How to Move with Books

Every year, over 40 million Americans pack their belongings and move. Despite the fact that many Americans now read on electronic devices, many people still prefer the physical pages of a book. As a result, you may have amassed a sizable library over time. It’s now time to pack and move with books for your upcoming relocation. To make the move go more smoothly, it’s critical to organize and pack your books strategically.

Downsize Your Library

As you’re moving, it’s a great opportunity to start reducing your book collection. Begin packing your books a month or two ahead of time. Examine your library to see if there are any books you can get rid of. Make several passes to ensure you’ve covered everything.

Check to see if your local library accepts book donations or drop them off at Goodwill.

Storage Options

For packing your heavy books, choose small but sturdy boxes. Keep the larger boxes for blankets, pillows, and other lightweight items. Purchase book boxes with handles to make lifting them easier.

You don’t have to put stacks of books in a box when you’re packing them. Try squeezing them into a small, wheeled suitcase.

Another option is to use sturdy, reusable grocery bags with handles. Because these bags are smaller than boxes, the weight of the books is easier to manage.

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Stack the Books Nicely

To make moving easier, there are a few alternative ways to pack each book box. Begin by putting packing paper at the bottom of the box. The heaviest books should be placed at the bottom.

While packing, grouping the books by size makes it easier to place them in the box.

Another option for packing your books is to use the larger hardcover books to line the inside border of the box. Then, in the middle, place the smaller, softer books. This ensures their safety.

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Books are Quite Heavy

When packing, keep in mind that the weight of books adds up quickly. Larger books should be placed at the bottom of the box, with spines alternating up and down.

You can also make your book boxes lighter by packing lighter items such as stuffed animals, hand towels, or clothes between and on top of the books to help keep them secure. The books will not shift as much now that the boxes are lighter.

Be sure to use plenty of heavy-duty packing tape. Place a few reinforcement pieces of tape on the bottom to be sure the box can handle the load.

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