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CubeSmart is widely available, has excellent customer service, and provides tons of perks.

How much does CubeSmart cost?

The average monthly cost for a CubeSmart storage unit is approximately $150 (not including a one-time $24 administrative fee due at the time of move-in). Costs range from about $70 for a small unit to $250 for a large-size unit.

We got 725 quotes for CubeSmart storage units in 12 cities across the country. To create an average monthly cost, we added an average monthly insurance fee of $19 to the monthly average estimates for small, medium, and large storage units. We didn’t get prices for lockers or parking spaces. But prices vary widely depending on location, so be sure to call ahead and confirm costs before committing to CubeSmart.



Excellent customer service


Tons of perks


Online quotes


Self-guided service



Mandatory insurance


One-time administrative fee

CubeSmart parking space sizes

DimensionsRecommended vehicles
10 x 15 ft. Compact vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles
10 x 20 ft.SUVs, pickup trucks, classic cars
10 x 26 ft. Class B recreational vehicles
10 x 30 ft.Class A recreational vehicles, long boats, or trailers

CubeSmart cost factors

Several things affect your CubeSmart storage unit costs:

CubeSmart coverage options

You must have insurance to store your belongings at a CubeSmart facility. CubeSmart’s coverage options range from $2,000 to $5,000. For coverage amounts higher than $5,000, you need to talk with a CubeSmart store manager. So while it’s affordable to get coverage for basic household items like furniture and books, expect to pay more for collectable items valued well above $5,000.

Insurance doesn’t cover items damaged by floods, surface water, or what CubeSmart calls “mysterious disappearance.” (Your policy includes burglary, though, so you’re probably covered if you see security cam footage on a Dateline episode of someone wheeling out your stuff.)

CubeSmart features and services

CubeSmart self-storage

CubeSmart provides basic storage options that cover everything from office files to large vehicles:

CubeSmart free features and services

Many CubeSmart locations offer a load of free services:

CubeSmart premium features and services

CubeSmart also offers many extra-cost services (pricing and availability vary by location):

CubeSmart has A LOT of sizes

It’s rare for a storage unit company to offer more than 8 sizes, but CubeSmart has up to 13 options ranging from small lockers to massive 300-square foot units. CubeSmart even has parking lots if you need a place for your motorcycle, car, or RV.

Since sizing options vary by location, we’ve boiled these options down to five main categories: lockers, small units, medium units, and large units, and parking lots. We suggest you call your local CubeSmart to verify what storage sizes are available in your area.

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