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declutter garage before moving

Declutter Your Garage Before Moving

Although having a catch-all space for an interesting array of items is convenient, the most difficult part of the house to declutter is your garage. Here are some helpful hints to get you started before you pack your tools and actually move.

Your garage is a very important part of your house. It serves as a shed for your car, a storage area for your tools and lawn equipment, and a convenient location for anything from a second refrigerator to seasonal yard art.

Sort out everything

Many things that don’t really have a place in the house end up in the garage. However, you most likely have things in your garage that should be filled with items from various rooms. If you’ve moved a few small kitchen appliances and an extra box of holiday dishes to the garage, for example, make sure they’re stored alongside your kitchen pieces.

Dispose Fluid Containers

Fuel cans, cleaning chemicals, gasoline, and liquid fertilizers are all difficult to transport safely. Plus, transporting fluid containers in the back of a moving truck with all of your other belongings is too dangerous. Make an attempt to use what you can and consider moving the remainder on to a friend, then dispose of the remaining objects responsibly.

Throw away some tools

Multiples of certain tools are commonplace in a crowded garage. People tend to keep a full collection of tools but usually rely on particular tools they would prefer to use. For example, maybe you have three different floor jacks but prefer to use one. Or perhaps you have four wrenches, all the same size, but prefer your newest addition. Tools are heavy, they can take up a lot of space, and it may be worth trimming the tool collection.

throw away some tools

Less Things More Money

Have a garage sale prior to your move if your current location or Homeowners association permits. It is a simple way to get rid of unwanted things while still making some money. If you’ve managed to slim down your tool collection, for example, you may not want to donate these things. When you have the opportunity before moving, hold a yard sale to raise some cash for items you don’t want to bring with you.

Utilize Tough Cases

You can get some quite durable moving boxes, but even those can be strained by heavy tools. Consider getting some heavy-duty storage containers to load your hand and power tools before the transfer if you have a lot of them. The containers can also be used for storage and organizing in the new garage as an added bonus.

Packing your workshop before your move is now made easier. Make sure to declutter your garage first before sorting them on a box. Make sure to dispose all the unnecessary things and move light,

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