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How to Organize A Successful Moving Sale

Organizing a moving sale to get rid of all unwanted things prior to the move is arguably the best advice you will ever get while moving home. This single moving tip will save you money by lowering your transportation costs.

Here are the top ten tips for running a good, profitable, and even enjoyable moving sale.

Look for Partners

Organizing a good moving sale on your own is difficult, and you will find it difficult to manage all of the aspects of the expected garage sale. This is why, before doing anything else, ask your neighbors and friends if they’re having a yard sale so you can collaborate and merge a few garage sales.

The advantage of holding a larger yard sale before moving out is that it will bring together joint efforts to plan, network, and resource a large-scale sale event that will draw more people (understand potential buyers) and be more successful as a result.

Advertisement is a Must

As part of the planning stage for a great yard sale before moving, consider the best way to advertise your moving sale. Unfortunately, without proper ads, no one will know you’re having a yard sale, and so no one will visit. That’s what there is to it.

It’s usually free to advertise on the internet, so get started. Use social media to advertise your upcoming moving sale – setting up a Facebook event can be really helpful in getting the word out to your friends. Using specialized websites to promote the case, such as Craigslist, Garage Sale Tracker, and Yard Sale Search.

Arrange Everything

Using a lot of tables to organize your things is probably one of the best garage sale tips and tricks of all time. To make things more available and presentable, borrow as many tables as you can from friends and neighbors.

One of the steps to planning a successful moving sale is to arrange the items as if they were being sold in a department store. Make sure that everything is correctly sorted, organized, numbered, and priced. The worst thing you might do is just throw everything for sale on the ground and expect people to dig through piles of jumbled trash to find something worthwhile. It’s not going to work.

Don’t just pile clothes in big boxes and ask people to dig them out; hang whatever you have for sale. Make use of as many hangers as you can to show the clothes as if they were in a shop.

moving sale item arrangment

Price Your Items Reasonably

The main aim of a garage sale is to get rid of things before moving, so set a reasonable price – 30 percent of the selling price is a good place to start, but there are several other factors to consider. Don’t overprice the goods for sale because, well, they won’t sell. It’s important to remember that you won’t be able to recover the money you spent on those pieces.

Set a price for each item you want to sell. Yes, each and every one of them. Individual pricing takes time, but it will make it easier for your customers to buy items. Most people find it inconvenient to have to ask for the price on a regular basis, and some won’t bother at all. Use stickers or price tags that clearly show the prices so that anyone can see them right away.

Remember Why You Organized The Moving Sale

The way you go about organizing your own moving sale will decide how good and profitable it is. The best garage sale tips can’t possibly leave out suggestions about how to approach the pre-move case and how to approach it with the right attitude.

Keep reminding yourself why you planned the moving sale in the first place: to get rid of all unwanted things and drastically reduce your moving costs. Since you aren’t trying to make a fortune off of those discarded products, the prices should reflect that.

Get rid of any emotional attachments you might have to certain things. If you’re not sure you’re willing to sell anything, don’t. Ideally, you shouldn’t be sad to see your belongings go – note, these are the same things you’ve chosen for sale one by one. Besides, having them would only make the situation worse in terms of the forthcoming relocation.

Few More Tips for A Successful Moving Sale

  • Greet moving-sale shoppers as they arrive at your yard sale if at all necessary, so they know who’s in charge.
  • Prepare an extension cord for people to use to try out electrical devices or power tools. Since the majority of people do not know you, they are unsure whether or not to trust your products. Much of the time, they’ll want to make sure that all electronic devices they purchase to function properly.
  • Prepare a mirror for those who are purchasing clothing and accessories.
  • Have a few batteries on hand to test some small appliances or children’s toys.
  • Prepare plastic bags to send to customers who have made several purchases. They won’t have to juggle several things before they get to their cars this way. Saving your plastic bags any time you go shopping is a smart idea.
  • Prepare a few stacks of packing paper for your customers to bundle any fragile items.
  • Have a calculator on hand so you can quickly sum up the number without making any mistakes.
  • If someone needs to write something down, have some pens and writing paper on hand.
  • Consider putting together a box of freebies to pique people’s interest in your upcoming move.
  • To show consideration to your potential buyers, start your moving sale on time.

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