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JK Moving Services
JK Moving Servivices

JK Moving Services

If you want to put your long-distance or international move in the same capable hands that US presidents and Fortune 500 companies trust, we recommend hiring JK Moving Services. The company also handles local moves, but only in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

JK Moving Services

If you hire JK for a long-distance move, your belongings might actually be packed and delivered by a different moving company that JK has partnered with. This also applies to storage services outside of its coverage area.

To make sure these third-party services are up to JK’s standards, the company assigns a move coordinator to each of its customers. Your JK move coordinator will be with you every step of the way, giving you access to all of JK’s industry experience, ensuring you aren’t mistreated by your carrier, and helping you navigate every part of the moving process.



Background-checked employees


Customizable packing services


Comprehensive moving coverage options


Dedicated moving coordinators to help you plan your move



No online estimates


No price matching


Limited service area for local moves


Polarized customer reviews

How much does JK Moving Services cost?

JK Moving Services doesn’t disclose prices for its services online, which isn’t uncommon; most full-service moving companies don’t. Before you see pricing, you have to submit a detailed request for a quote. JK asks you to provide your contact info, your current address, the address you’re moving to, and the size of both homes.

After you submit this online form, someone from JK will contact you to walk you through the estimate process. This includes an in-home estimate, which you can complete with a JK representative in person or virtually using JK’s app.

While these requirements may seem like a pain in the neck, they ensure that any price you see is tailored to your move, which can help you budget accurately.

JK’s cost factors

Though JK doesn’t share specific pricing on its site, it does list the factors that can affect what you’ll pay:

JK’s features and services

Why we recommend JK Moving Services

Now that we’ve talked about how JK Moving Services works and some of its pricing information, let’s highlight the features that set JK apart from most other moving companies.

Its impressive resume

Like we said earlier, JK Moving Services has handled moves for US presidents, Fortune 500 companies, and other illustrious entities,1 so you know it provides some of the best service around.

On top of these credentials, JK has also won the American Moving and Storage Association Fleet Safety Award several times in the last 10 years.

To win this award, a company has to have fewer accidents per mile of travel (the total distance driven by every truck in its fleet) than its peers, so these awards mean your stuff is as safe as possible with JK.

Its tech-savvy service

Many moving companies are stuck in the ‘90s, or worse, and relatively few have well-built websites that give you the information you need to make an informed hiring decision. A company could have the best services money can buy, but if it has a bad website with insufficient information, you might never know.

With JK you get the best of both worlds: first-rate service and an interactive, user-friendly website where you can easily plan your move and find answers to any questions you may have along the way.

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