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guide for an ease winter move

Guide for A Less Stressful Winter Move

This Winter, more than half of the United States will endure subzero temperatures. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the thousands of people throughout the country who have decided to move regardless of the weather. When considering a Winter move, though, it’s critical to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Even in the best of seasons and conditions, transferring your home may be a huge task. When you add in the extra challenges of freezing temperatures and unpredictable weather during the winter, you could have a true circus on your hands. Only by being fully prepared for your winter move can you secure the success of the services you desire.

Ask for Help

Moving all of your furniture and belongings during the short winter days will be a difficult undertaking to complete on your own. Whether you request the support of friends and family or call a professional moving company, you’ll need some assistance. The size of the move, the distance traveled, and your budget will all play a role in determining the type and amount of assistance required.

With the lure of pizza, you might be able to persuade a few buddies to help you move a few belongings and a sofa around the corner. If you’re relocating a completely furnished home from one city to another, however, you should use a professional moving company that is prepared for and experienced with winter moves.

Organize Everything

This is good advice for any type of move, no matter how big or small, at any time of year. Good organization will help you simplify the relocation process and avoid a major headache on moving day.

Sort through your belongings at home. Determine which objects will be kept, sold, donated, given away, or discarded. Make a plan for where everything in your new home will go. Nobody likes having to move stuff twice, especially when it’s chilly outside.

All boxes, bags, and tubs that are being moved should be clearly labeled. Make a list of the items to be relocated and the room they will be placed in.

Any objects that need to be transported to your own car should be set aside. Items that are valuable or irreplaceable, cash, jewels, computers, sensitive devices, and any papers related to the transfer or your new house should all be kept in a safe place.

Pack for Extreme Conditions

Even the most seasoned packers may not recognize that packing for a summer move and preparing for a winter move are two completely different things. The weather is, of course, the biggest distinction between the two packing scenarios.

While both moving places are heated on the inside, you should keep in mind the frigid temperatures your things will face once they depart your previous home. To make matters worse, the temperature inside non-climate-controlled moving trucks can drop dangerously low, putting the safety of your more sensitive and fragile belongings at risk.

Delays are Inevitable

Moving in the winter, unfortunately, has some clear disadvantages. The unpredictability of weather conditions is one of these disadvantages. The skies could be beautiful and sunny one moment. A snowstorm the next, making your maneuver much more difficult, if not impossible.

You should also bear in mind that in the winter, it becomes dark extremely early. About 5:00 pm depending on your location.

Winter delay when moving

Weather Check

Check the weather in both move locations once a week in the weeks leading up to the move, and then once a day the week of the move. Call the moving firm and voice your worry if you believe poor weather will close roads or impede your movers. It’s preferable to put off the move than to get trapped in a snowstorm.

If you’re hiring a moving company, pay attention to their concerns regarding weather-related problems. Because no one can predict the weather, it’s crucial to be flexible with moving dates and times during the winter.

Clear a Path

Before, during, and after your move, safety must always be a primary concern, especially during the winter months. A Winter move can be highly dangerous in certain conditions (such as a sudden blizzard), and you must do all possible to keep everyone safe.

Clear the muck, snow, and ice from your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks around your home. Also, clear a parking spot for the moving truck. The possibilities of someone sliding or stumbling grow dramatically if you don’t keep clear and safe pathways for your staff.

Do not Forget your Pets

In warmer weather, most pet owners would easily leave their pets outside for a few hours. Unfortunately, moving during the winter months adds to the challenge of caring for pets.

We recommend boarding your pets with a friend, family member, or a pet motel for the day to avoid them running away from home or freezing out in the weather. This is the most effective way to keep them warm, protected, and cared for.

Note: If you have any valuable houseplants, you should find a temporary home for them as well. Most indoor plants will not be able to withstand the cold for long periods of time.

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