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Mayflower Moving

Mayflower Moving

Mayflower’s moving packages, protection plans, and large network of agents make it a great option for anyone planning a large or complicated move.

America’s Most Trusted Moving Company

To make your move as quick and convenient as possible. If you’re planning a large, difficult move, then hiring a full-service company like Mayflower is a great way to save yourself the trouble of doing all the work on your own.

With versatile coverage options and a long list of optional moving services, Mayflower allows you to customize your moving package to meet your unique needs. However, if you’re just trying to get a quick quote before making a decision, you might be disappointed by Mayflower’s inconvenient estimate process.



Nationwide fleet with FMCSA certification


Safe and secure storage options


Online articles, checklists, and resources to help you plan your move


Large network of agents


Interactive truck tracking online (not always accurate or available)



Variable customer service depending on local agents


Several broken links and features on website


No estimates over the phone or online

Why Mayflower

Mayflower offers many of the services standard for large moving companies, but a few standout features set it apart.

Mayflower’s standout features

Services Mayflower offers

Mayflower moving prices

A lot of factors go into the price of a large move. Mayflower’s prices are determined by the total weight of your shipment, the price of gas, and the distance between your current home and your destination. Since these factors can be completely different from one move to the next, prices may vary.

That means Mayflower doesn’t offer specific pricing information online or over the phone, which can make your planning process a little more difficult early on. Quotes are only available after an in-home evaluation of your household goods. This policy ensures you get an accurate estimate, but it’s not ideal if you’re shopping around and want a quick answer.

Getting an in-home estimate

If you request a quote on the Mayflower website, you’ll have to provide your email, your phone number, and some basic information about your move.

Soon after you submit your request, a customer service representative will call you to set up a time for an evaluator to do a walk-through of your home. After the walk-through, the evaluator will give you your estimate. For convenience, you can also do the walk-through over a video call with the evaluator instead of coordinating a time they can come to your home.

Once you get your Mayflower estimate, you can head over to our moving costs article to see how your estimate compares to the national average.

Mayflower offers customizable moving packages

o make your move as stress-free as possible, Mayflower gives you the option to add their “convenience services” to your moving package. By bundling these services into your package, you can save money and make sure your move meets your unique needs.

Convenience services

Mayflower has comprehensive protection plans

For any large move, insurance is an absolute must. Even the most careful and competent moving company can accidentally lose boxes or damage a customer’s property from time to time. Luckily, Mayflower allows you to build your protection plan around your needs and your budget.

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