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Montway Auto Transport

 Montway Auto Transport has below-average customer reviews, but it offers consistently low prices and guarantees its pick-up dates.

Why Montway Auto Transport?

Most auto transport companies ship about 20,000 vehicles each year. Montway Auto Transport ships more than 100,000. In other words, it knows what it’s doing.

The car shipping company consistently has some of the lowest prices around. Montway Auto Transport is less expensive than most companies, especially for enclosed car shipments over mid-range distances.



Low prices


Guaranteed pick-up dates


Additional insurance coverage


Service to/from Alaska and Hawaii


Online customer service chat



Lower-than-average customer reviews


No GPS tracking

International Van Lines moving rates

Montway Auto TransportIndustry averageSavings with Montway
Open transport$560 $610 $50
Enclosed transport $760 $940 $180

How much does International Van Lines cost?

Obtaining an accurate quote is one of the most difficult aspects of working with International Van Lines, as you have to provide a full inventory of what you’re moving, when, and where. You’ll also need to submit your full name, address, and phone number.

That said, IVL’s thorough online and over-the-phone quote process is far more accurate than instant quote generators used by other companies. You’ll fill out an entire inventory of how many beds, dressers, couches, tables, and even unusual items (like canoes) you’re moving so you can ballpark the price of your truckload.

Montway Auto Transport cost factors

Auto transport prices can change minute by minute. It’s kind of like the weather in Chicago that way—wait five minutes and things will be totally different. These frequent fluctuations are due in part to the fact that the cost to ship a vehicle depends on a laundry list of factors:

Montway Auto Transport coverage options

Montway Auto Transport uses only carriers that have at least $100,000 in coverage. The company also provides its customers with $250,000 of additional no-deductible coverage in case your carrier’s policy doesn’t cover everything.

Montway Auto Transport features and services

Montway Auto Transport shipped over 100,000 vehicles in 2019—five times more than the average car shipping company. The proven company offers a long list of auto shipping services:

Montway Auto Transport has a proven track record

Not only does Montway Auto Transport offer low prices—and guarantee them—the company has been doing it for more than a decade. That’s saying a lot in an industry known for companies that don’t stay in business very long.

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