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Simple Tips For Moving On A Budget

You’ve signed your new contract, or deed, and are now the proud owner of your new home! All that’s left now is for you to move to your new place. You’re not able to spend any more on moving if you’re moving for lower living costs, downsizing, or maybe the safety deposit took a bite out of this week’s paycheck! Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do for moving on a budget or minimize the moving costs.

Pack your belongings with clothes

If you’re like most of us, buying bubble wrap isn’t something we worry about when we’re driving. Taking the risk of packaging delicates without any cushioning or cover, on the other hand, will result in more than one box of broken products.

Fortunately, repurposing what you already have will help you save money while still ensuring that your belongings arrive safely. You’ll have plenty of cushioning supplies if you go through your wardrobe and pull out T-shirts and extra pajamas that you won’t need during your move. When packing delicates, use bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, shower curtains, bedding, scarves, and more!

Utility Planning

Utility preparation is one of those things that is almost always put off to the last minute. Often, you’re locked into a deal that costs a lot of money to get out of. Keep an eye out for upcoming renewals until your big move. There’s nothing more aggravating than renewing a lease for your current residence just to discover that the same facilities aren’t available in your new place. Plan ahead to see if any services can be switched to a monthly payment and contract, which will save you money on cancellation fees. Remember to take advantage of new offer and service sign-ups as well!

We rarely have the ability to sign up for all new programs, so searching for companies that can help you bundle your tv and internet services for the best discounts and offers, such as TvInternetDeals.

Free Moving Supplies

If you plan ahead, you can get free moving boxes and supplies from a variety of sources. Websites like offer excellent opportunities to conduct a fast search in their “Free” forums. Surprisingly, many people do not dismantle their boxes and make them available for free online.

It’s a no-cost service. Freecycle is another fantastic website. You can use Freecycle to look for free items in your neighborhood. You can search all of the “Offers” and “Wanted” posts by entering your zip code.

Tiny and durable boxes, suitable for breakables, books, DVDs, and more, are common in liquor stores. Additional option include grocery stores, McDonald’s, and even Starbucks, as they all receive daily shipments of various sized containers!

Customer Connect & Box Exchange at U-Haul has made an effort to minimize moving waste and has developed a fantastic community hub! Simply enter your zip code to find people who want to sell, give away, or even help you find boxes and/or moving supplies.

Do you have children in school? Are you still in school? If that’s the case, schools are an excellent place to search for free boxes. On a daily basis, schools accept a slew of deliveries. Offering to take boxes off the hands of the Office or even the Janitorial Staff also saves them time from having to break them down themselves!

Simple Tips For Moving On A Budget

Prepare Ahead of Time

You will stop tossing out and purging valuable things if you plan ahead. This works better if you plan ahead a month, but even if you only have 1 or 2 weeks, you can still make a difference! Start by arranging your shopping trips to ensure that the things you purchase can be used up in the time you have left at your previous address. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to figure out how to move half a bottle of mayo and the other odd condiments you just bought but don’t want to waste.

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Make a list of what you have in your pantry and start preparing menus with what you have left. This includes cotton balls, toilet paper, napkins, toothpaste, plastic bags, and other popular disposables. Moving tension can be reduced by having fewer items to carry and making a shopping list for the first weekend in your new home.

Avoid Moving Season

There is a peak season for moving, believe it or not. 80 percent of moves take place between April and September, with June, July, and August being the most common months. As a result, many long-distance moving companies‘ prices will be at their peak or highest during this time. Moving in the early spring or early fall will help you cut your moving costs in half!

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