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Things to Remember When Moving Large Furniture

You might be worried about how moving large furniture pieces into your apartment if you’re downsizing or moving from the country to the city. Would you have to discard anything? Is your furniture going to be harmed in the process? While relocating to a smaller space can be difficult, it is not impossible. You will make your furniture fit in your new space if you follow this valuable expert advice.
When moving, you can take several essential steps, including disassembling your sofa, weighing your belongings, and taking safety precautions. If you’re still on the question about hiring experienced movers, keep these pointers in mind.

Preparations you need to do before moving large furniture

Safety is priority

For heavy lifting, this should require the use of heavy-duty gloves, steel toe boots, and a back support belt. If you won’t be having professional support, make sure you have enough volunteers to assist you with your pass and make sure you’re doing some heavy lifting while bent at the knees.

Get Dimensions

It’s important to double-check that your furniture can fit through doors and into its intended location. It’s also a good idea to draw up a floor plan so you can see where each piece will go in your new apartment and make sure everything matches.

Disassemble if possible

You can also shave six inches off the overall measurements by unscrewing the legs from the foot. This will give you the extra room you need to get your couch through the door while also lowering the risk of breakage during transport. In these situations, finding an expert who knows how to disassemble and reassemble the parts is recommended. Professionals will dismantle a part of your sofa and re-upholster it to look brand new, ensuring that it fits perfectly in your room.

Lesser is lighter

Remove things from sofas and desks and dressers, such as couch cushions and drawers. Taking the extra weight out of your furniture pieces would make them as light as possible, ensuring the protection of movers while allowing the objects to rotate and tip more easily to get them around corners, up and downstairs, and through tight spaces.

Leave it to the Pros

Many professionals exist who have the knowledge and tools necessary to make every step easier for their clients. From actual movers with experience driving moving trucks and carrying the heaviest of objects to furniture experts with the knowledge and tools to disassemble, reassemble, or rearrange specific furniture parts. Moving professionals will make anything fit into elevators, stairwells, hallways, and the rooms you need. When dealing with large, heavy furniture and cramped hallways and bedrooms, call in the pros to make your step much easier and get you and your huge sofa out of the tight spot you’re in.

Call the pros to move large furniture

During actual move keep in mind:

Lifting alone is a bad idea

If you take on more than you can manage, you risk injuring yourself or causing serious harm to the furniture, the wall, or the floor. Know your limits and enlist the help of friends or family members, or hire experienced movers to do the heavy lifting. Your back will appreciate it.

Protect your Furniture by wrapping it

Covering furniture items before moving them, such as dressers, sofas, chairs, and desks can protect them from harm during delivery and the rest of your move. If you can’t cover the whole piece of furniture, at the very least attempt to hide and shield any rough edges. Not only would this reduce the chances of your furniture being destroyed in transit, but it will also protect you from injury and wall damage while traveling. When you hire furniture movers, they will take care of this for you. If you need this service, notify your mover or furniture company in advance.

Sort by size

Move large furniture first so that you have enough room for all of the smaller items that can fit in and around the large pieces, not just in the moving truck, but also in your new home. Moving big items first will ensure you don’t trip over something while moving the sofa into your new living space, and you’ll save energy for the remaining smaller boxes and items later.

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want is to put in the effort of bringing a huge piece of furniture into your home only to discover that there isn’t enough room for it. Prior to the transfer, carefully consider what you need to rearrange, sell, give away, store, or keep.
At first glance, anything as large and uncomfortable as a sofa could not fit into your new hallway or doorway. Don’t give up just yet. Experts will assist you in modifying your items to fit into the desired room. They can disassemble and reassemble your sofa to fit it into your apartment’s elevator and down that narrow corridor, and they can even remove a portion to fit it into that nook of your home.


Moving is a difficult job, particularly when you’re relocating large furniture pieces to a small apartment. Hiring licensed movers are also the most effective way to complete this task in order to ensure your safety and the dignity of your furniture. If you do plan to tackle the daunting task of traveling on your own, be extremely organized and take every possible safety precaution.

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