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Tips on How to Cut Moving Costs

Tips on How to Cut Moving Costs

Cut Moving Costs ! Don’t let money slip through your fingers.

It’s All About Timing

To save money, avoid moving at peak hours if at all possible. Because of lease expirations and desired closing dates, the end of the month is typically busier for movers. It’s also a good idea to avoid moving during the summer months, from May to mid-September, when families with children out of school are most likely to relocate.

Experiment with your food

Avoid going to the store and eating out. Make the most of what you have in your freezer and refrigerator at lunchtime. Start defrosting frozen foods and other perishable goods in your kitchen. Frozen meals are impossible to transport, while canned items only add to the weight of your shipment and raise prices.

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Collect Your Deposits

It’s easier to get your money back before you move, whether it’s an apartment deposit or a utility deposit. Look into whether or not you paid a pet deposit. Don’t forget about items on layaway, as well as items being cleaned, stored, or repaired. Also, double-check that you’ve emptied your locker at your gym, club, or bowling alley.

Plan ahead of time for your move

Making travel arrangements in advance can help you save money. Use travel discounts like AAA to save money on hotel rooms, and remember to have the hotel’s toll-free number with you; it will save you money if you need to call while on the road.

Pay Your Bills

Check with clubs and organizations to see if you may sell, transfer, or get a partial return on your membership.

Get in touch with the Internal Revenue Service

Remember to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of your address change. Thousands of tax refund checks are returned to the post office each year because the post office is unable to distribute them! One of the most common reasons given is that people fail to notify the IRS of their changing address. On their website, they include a change of address form (Form No. 8822). (

Pack your belongings

Packing and unpacking yourself will save you money on your moving quotes. Packing and preparing for a relocation should take at least six weeks. To safeguard your valuables, ask your moving company for information on do-it-yourself packing.

Tips on How to Cut Moving Costs

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Profit from Your Move

The cost of your shipping wethear its a long-distance move or local move is affected by its weight, therefore lower your load. Consider selling goods you don’t need to make some fast cash in the meanwhile.

  • Garage sales — If you don’t have many stuff to sell, consider holding a joint garage sale with one or more of your neighbors. The larger your product selection, the more potential clients you’ll attract and the more effective your sale will be.
  • Flea markets – Local flea markets are a terrific way to sell secondhand stuff for a small cost. Professional second-hand bargain seekers usually attend most markets because they are publicized.
  • Online auctions – The Internet allows you to advertise your products for sale to the entire world, not just your immediate area. To maximize your chances of selling, take the time to adequately describe your item and attach a high-quality photo.
  • Consignment shops – Selling items to a consignment shop can sometimes bring in more money than selling them at a garage sale, and it requires less effort on your part.

Look for Free Offers

Once you’ve moved in, keep an eye out for coupons, discounts, and freebies from area establishments. During this period, don’t hastily trash out what appears to be trash mail since you could be throwing away free money! Profit from the savings.

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