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uShip is an online marketplace that gives customers flexibility to choose their car shipper, but it costs about 40% more than average.

How uShip is different

uShip is like the eBay of car shipping. Rather than selling car shipping services, uShip serves as a marketplace that connects customers with auto transport companies that bid on their jobs.

The company also provides other shipping services:





Provider star ratings


GPS tracking


Damage-free guarantee



High prices


No provider vetting

International Van Lines moving rates

uShip “average”uShip actual cost Price difference
150 miles $390$460$70
550 miles$700$830 $130
1,000 miles$940$1,270 $330
1,050 miles $880$1,460 $580
2,750 miles$1,240$1,760 $520

uShip cost factors

Peanut butter, jelly, and bread are basically the same price at every store. Car shipping rates are far less consistent.

uShip says its car shipping prices depend on several factors:

Vehicle transport prices are also affected by extra services (like insurance or expedited shipping), whether you ship more than one vehicle at the same time, and the carrier bidding process.

uShip coverage options

Car shipping companies are legally required to carry insurance. uShip doesn’t verify that service providers on the marketplace provide insurance, but it does allow customers to purchase insurance through a third-party partner.

Additionally, uShip has a “ship with confidence” guarantee that compensates you up to $500 in the event of negligent loss or damage.

The car shippers on uShip’s marketplace provide several auto transport services:

uShip is convenient

uShip’s greatest strength is its convenience. You don’t have to call 10 companies to get 10 quotes—or give your personal info 10 times and sort through 10 answers to the same question.

You just go to the uShip website, enter your shipment details, and sort through the results. It’s as simple as that.

Customers like it so much that uShip transports more than twice as many cars as the average car shipping company.

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